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¼ Vimshatika from Vidarbha Janapada

¼ Vimshatika from Vidarbha Janapada

¼ Vimshatika from Amet Udeshi

“Ancient India,
Region: Vidarbha Janapada,
Type: ABCC, PMC (Punch Marked Coin),
Metal: AR Silver,
Denomination: ¼ Vimshatika,
Weight: 1.65 grams,

Obverse: Configuration of four symbols that includes an elephant standing to left on the top, bold taurine / fish like symbol surrounded with a dotted border at the bottom, two five- pointed star symbols on left & right with a center ring & alternative circular discs placed in between each of the rays alternatively.

Reverse: Remnant symbols on the reverse are as follows: Wheel with central circular disc & a pellet in between, with four alternatively placed dot & crescent symbols around, an elephant facing right (?), as well as another ambiguous symbol at the top. These coins are usually uni-faced however there are some coins that appear to be overstruck over other PMC coins of Vidarbha and thus there is often the remnant of previous symbols (which were on obverse) display on the reverse of these coins. There are times when these coins are reused more than twice and thus we can see under-type on the obverse as well which is clearly evident from this particular specimen. This was a technique used for recycling the older coins and this saved cost of striking new coins and was highly economical & cost efficient. This is what we call optimum utilization of resources 😉
Listed: Not listed / Unlisted / Not Catalogued in ATC of M Mitchner.
Condition: Extremely Fine,
Rarity: Rare.”

~ Amit Udeshi

Thank you  Amit Udeshi posting in the Facebook group Ancient Coins, Greek, Roman..