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Ajaya Deva of the Chauhans, Drachma

Ajaya Deva of the Chauhans, Drachma

Drachma Chauhans

Chauhans / Chahamanas of Sakambhari and Ajayameru (Ajmer),
Region: Gujarat,
Ruler: Ajaya Deva,
Reign: 1110 – 1125 CE,
Denomination: Drachma,
Attributions: Deyell, Living without silver, #179 or Mitchiner, Non-Islamic states and Western colonies, #456-457,
Metal: Silver / Billon,
Weight: 4.19 grams,
Diameter: 16.07 mm,
Obverse: Seated Goddess Lakshmi facing.
Reverse: Two-line legends in early Devanagari: Sri Aja/ya Devah.
Condition: About Very Fine.
P.S: Ajay Raj (Anuraj) were the Chauhans who asserted their independence from the Gurjara Pratiharas and in the early 11th century, the Sakhambari king Ajaya-Raja founded the city of Ajayameru (Ajmer) in the southern part of their kingdom.

~ Amit Udeshi

Thank you  Amit Udeshi posting in the Facebook group Ancient Coins, Greek, Roman..