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Antiochos IX AR Tetradrachm from Tarsos

Antiochos IX AR Tetradrachm from Tarsos


 Seleukids Antiochos IX AR Tetradrachm Tarsus

SELEUKID KINGS of SYRIA. Antiochos IX (Kyzikenos). 114-95 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.60 gm, 29mm). Tarsos mint. Diademed head right / Altar within which Sandan stands atop winged mythical lion right; AIP and ME monograms to outer left. SNG Spaer -; Houghton 496; Babelon, Rois 1482.

Thank you Bradley Bowlin and The Medicus Collection.

Sandan was a Hittite-Babylonian sun, storm, or warrior god, also perhaps associated with agriculture. The Greeks equated Sandan with Herakles (Hercules). At Tarsus an annual festival honored Sandan-Heracles, which climaxed when an image of the god was burned on a funeral pyre. The Lydians believed their royal house descended from Sandan and Sardis the capital of Lydia, may have been named after Sandan. The pyre of Sandan is featured on coins of Tarsus.”

Thank you Forum Ancient Coins