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Cantiaci Potin Unit Thin Striations

Cantiaci Potin Unit Thin Striations

The Cantiaci (perhaps ‘land of the assembly men’), may have comprised four tribes occupying Kent (KE), centred on the Weald and rivers Stour, Medway and Darent. Diviciacos, king of the Suessiones, c.90-70 BC, may have held territory here. Caesar mentions four kings: Cingetorix, Carvilios, Taximagulos and Segovax, c.60-54 BC. Coins minted at the capital, Durovernum(Canterbury), Duno, Sego, and maybe Durobrivae(Rochester).(1)

AE Potin Thin Striations Left AE Potin Thin Striations Left

Thin Striations Left. Holman C3/1-2d.c.105-90 BC. Potin unit. 18mm. 2.44g. Linear head left./ Outline bull left, striations above and below. ABC 153, VA 117, BMC 674-75, S−. EF, glossy dark patina, boldly cast. An exceptionally excellent example, rarely seen in such crisp condition. Ex Christine Willans collection. RARE. (1)

Van Arsdell (1989) says: “The moulds were produced by scraping blocks of clay flat with a knife or other similar object.” This superb specimen “has only one sprue because it was the last coin on the runner system.” See D.Holman, BNJ 86, 2016, p.19-21.

Images copyright Chris Rudd. (1) Thank you Chris Rudd  for images and text

This coin is in the Chris Rudd 20th November 2016 Auction