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Chichester Cogwheel

Chichester Cogwheel

Chichester Cogwheel Quarter Stater oChichester Cogwheel Quarter Stater r



Chichester Cogwheel. c.50-40 BC. Gold quarter stater. 12mm. 1.22g. Plain field with ringed-pellet in central cogwheel./ Globular horse left, beaded mane and tail, solar flower above, rings and ringed-pellets around. ABC−, VA−, BMC−, S−. New type, previously unpublished. Good VF, neat flan, rose gold, well centred cogwheel, super horse, well ornamented, bold solar flower. Of the highest rarity, possibly UNIQUE?

Found near Chichester, West Sussex, in April 2016, this hitherto unrecorded gold quarter stater has a globular horse with a bean-form snout and beaded tail which suggest that it might have been struck by a ruler of the Regini; the complex solar symbol above the horse with its small grain-like rays also points towards this possibility (cf. ABC 587, 590, 623, 629), as does the provenance. “An important coin,” says Dr John Sills. Cf. Gold Tit quarter stater, ABC 2252 (No.35 this list).

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This coin is in the Chris Rudd 20th November 2016 Auction

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