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Dolphin Curls

Dolphin Curls

Dolphin Curls odolphin-curls


Dolphin Curls. c.50-30 BC. Silver unit. 14mm. 1.15g. Head left, thick crescents for hair./ Triple-tailed horse right, floral sun above, ringed-pellet below. ABC 2374, VA−, BMC−, S−. Good VF, virtually as struck, bright silver, neat horse, full floral sun. Found Chettisham, Cambs., August 2015. EXCESSIVELY RARE only three others recorded, two of which are badly chipped.

This beautifully preserved silver coin, with its dolphin-like hairlocks, is the finest known specimen of its type (cf. ABC 2374 photos). It is also an important coin because its Chettisham findspot supports our North Thames attribution. The hairlocks are similar to those of the Broadoak Head, ABC 2264. The reverse is very close to that of the Maldon Wheel, ABC 2234. It’s nearly 20 years since we sold a Dolphin Curls unit. Who knows when we’ll see another?

Images copyright Chris Rudd. Thank you for images and text

This coin is in the Chris Rudd 20th November 2016 Auction