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Excessively Rare Addedomaros Floral Spiral. Circle Type

Excessively Rare Addedomaros Floral Spiral. Circle Type

Addedomaros Floral Spiral. Circle Type obvAddedomaros Floral Spiral. Circle Type rev

Addedomaros Floral Spiral. Circle Type. c.45-25 BC. Catuvellauni. Gold stater. 19mm. 5.55g. Back-to-back crescents on plain field, V-shape motif in cusps./ Small horse right, spiral sun and two small rings above, branch and ringed-pellets below, Cantian S-rings before; all within plain-line circle; [AĐĐE]DOMARO[S] around. ABC 2508, VA−, BMC−, S−. Good VF, large flan of rose gold, crisp well-centred crescents, cute horse, impressive inscription. Found Bygrave, Herts., c.August 2009. EXCESSIVELY RARE only three others recorded.

Chris Rudd  > “This is the second Circle Type we’ve had the privilege to auction. Commenting on the first, struck from the same dies, Dr Philip de Jersey says: “An extraordinary treatment of the reverse…I cannot immediately think of any other examples in the British Celtic series where the horse is enclosed in a circle like this, with the inscription carefully placed around it. What intrigues me is that the space thus created seems to be more than is needed for the whole of Addedomaros’s name – so might there have been something else after the …ROS?” (Chris Rudd List 92, March 2007, No.41). Yes, there might be. But to my eyes it looks more like ringed-pellets than letters. This is probably the first gold stater struck north of the Thames to carry the king’s name. As such, this gold stater is not only a great rarity, but an important great rarity.”

Thank you Chris Rudd for image and auction text on the-saleroom.com Bidding ends: 18 Sep 2016 17:21 BST

Images copyright Chris Rudd