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Lord Hanuman’s Blessings

Lord Hanuman’s Blessings


Jai Shree Ram, Jai Hanuman. Wishing you all a blessed Hanuman Jayanti.
It’s my pleasure to share a coin from my personal collection on this special day.
Amit Udeshi
NJoy 🙂

Indian Princely State: Ratlam,
Ruler: Ranjit Singh,
Denomination: Paisa,
Metal: Copper AE,
Weight: 3.10 grams,
Size: 23.5 mm,
Shape: Round,
Calendar System: VS (Vikram Samvat),
Issued Year: 1947 VS,
Minting Technique: Die Struck,
Type: Thin-flan,
Obverse: Star on top of the central shield containing Published in Facebook Ancient Coins Group
e-shared with kind permission of Amit Udeshi (Son of the Hindu Wind God Pawan Dev) walking left, holding a Gada (blunt mace/club) in right hand and a small tray like object in left hand which may be for carrying the magical herb Sanjeevani booti (which has the power to cure any malady). Flowers & plants outside the shield. Three-fold ribbon at the bottom, with lettering in the central part. Beaded border. Lettering: रतलम.
Reverse: Central beaded circle contains lettering –
“Ek paisa” (one paisa), San (year), 1947 in Nagari. Flowers & plants around which are placed outside the circle, toothed border, VS 1947 date is equivalent to 1890 CE (Gregorian calendar). Lettering: एक पैसा, संः १९४७

P.S: Expert comments are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Published in Facebook Ancient Coins Group

Re-shared with kind permission of Amit Udeshi