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A Norfolk Wolf on a dish

A Norfolk Wolf on a dish

A Norfolk Wolf; an early one in light golden gold, jaws open, tongue lolling. It’s the mythic wolf Fenrir standing on an exergue which derives from a Philip II of Macedon gold stater almost 300 years before. The oval shape with a line inside (‘coffee bean’) – just in front of the wolf – is a vestigial remnant of the wheel of the Macedonian biga.

Iceni, Norfolk Wolf, AV Stater, 16-18mm. 6.05g, Right Type, 60-50 BC; Icenian wreath motif with upward-facing leaves / wolf standing right, with bristly back, open jaws, teeth visible and tongue hanging out, large pellets above, ‘coffee-bean’ in front, two tiny pellets, large pellet and crescent below (forming hidden smiley face), exergual line with decoration below; ABC 1393, VA 610-1, BMC 213, S 30, small striking crack, otherwise Good VF

Iceni Norfolk Wolf obverse Iceni Norfolk Wolf reverse