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Ornate Yoke type with upturned-spiky-mane, backward-pointing-ear Horse

Ornate Yoke type with upturned-spiky-mane, backward-pointing-ear Horse

A new type Hampshire gold stater:

New type Hampshire gold stater from Baldwins St james

Baldwin’s of St. James’s
Auction 10 22 Sep 2017
Lot 3024
British Celtic
 (c.40-30 B.C), gold stater, ornate yoke type, devolved head of Apollo with wreath, ‘cloak’, crescents, trio of pellets, pellet in annulet and yoke motif, rev. annulated horse right with backward pointing ear, cogwheel above, yoke motif, pellets and pellets in annulet with linked pellets before a face, wheel and pellets below, wt. 5.42gms. (S.-; ABC.-; VA.-; BMC.-; Sills, Divided Kingdoms, 17.1583), about extremely fine and a piece of exceptional style and quality, featuring multiple hidden faces – an important piece, unique 

“Dr. Sills has catalogued and included this coin in his forthcoming publication, Divided Kingdoms: The Iron Age Gold Coinage of Southern England. He comments ‘The obverse is a variation on the ABC Cheesefoot Head type, but there are significant differences on the reverse which make it a new type. It is one of a small number of issues where it is possible to hazard a guess that someone who also worked in another region cut the dies. The horse’s mane is engraved in a very distinct way, as two lines with the mane shown as upturned spikes; the animal has an annuulate body and a distinctive backward-pointing ear. Other relevant features are the many pellets-in-annulets in the field and the yoke motif above the cogwheel. There is only one other that has all these features – especially the mane – that is ABC.2240, Middle Whaddon Chase stater, a rare Essex type that belongs to a group with strong Kentish influence. There is no doubt it is a new and unique Hampshire type and it is important evidence for the presence of peripatetic die cutters in the 40/30s B.C.'”

Estimate: 7000-8000 GBP

Thank you Baldwin’s of St Jame’s for image and auction text and information. Auction will be on 22nd September 2017