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Selsey Uniface

Selsey Uniface

Dr Philip de Jersey says: “By far the most influential coinage in the south was the triple-tailed horse stater (British Q), struck to much the same standard and with the same precious-metal content as the Whaddon Chase type, and also beginning during the Gallic War” (Celtic Coinage in Britain, Shire 1996, p.25).

Selsey UnifaceSelsey Uniface

Selsey Uniface. c.55-45 BC. Gold stater. 17mm. 5.76g. Plain obverse./ Triple-tailed horse right, charioteer’s arms above, tiny C behind front leg, ‘coffee bean’ behind, spoked wheel below, exergual zigzag decoration. ABC 488, VA 216, BMC 461-75, S 39. Stunning EF, smooth surfaces of golden gold, neat flan, bold well-centred, zestful horse, toothy zigzag. An exciting example of exceptional merit. 

Images copyright Chris Rudd. (1) Thank you Chris Rudd  for images and text

This coin is in the Chris Rudd 20th November 2016 Auction