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Sills Insular Cf. Axe Type

Sills Insular Cf. Axe Type

Dr John Sills says the Insular Cf series “is probably the earliest regular British gold coinage” (Gaulish and early British gold coinage, Spink 2003, p.261). The distinctive axe and beaded oval are both clearly displayed on this heavy broad-flan example.(1)

Sills Insular Cf. Axe TypeSills Insular Cf. Axe Type


Sills Insular Cf. Axe Type. Class 1, fig. 91a. c.75-65 BC. Gold stater. 20mm. 6.67g. Wreath motif with axe at 7 o’clock./ Disjointed horse right, large pellets around, oval beaded motif behind. ABC 515, VA−, BMC−, S 20A, Sills 457-459. CCI 11.1027 (this coin). Good VF, virtually as struck in golden gold, big, bold and heavy. An important early piece, rarely seen for public sale. Ex Sean Hegarty collection. EXTREMELY RAREonly eleven others from this pair of dies. (1)

Images copyright Chris Rudd. (1) Thank you Chris Rudd  for images and text

This coin is in the Chris Rudd 20th November 2016 Auction